Attendance Matters: 5 Ways To Get All Kids To School

LgBanner1_month.GMM2September is Attendance Awareness month. Here in Montana, we’re getting the word out to schools, teachers, parents and students that kids who attend school every day will have a better chance at succeeding academically and later on in life.

All of us can play a role in ensuring Montana students show up for school each day.

Here are five ways everyone can make a difference.

  1. Schools can be using their average daily attendance data to identify students who may be struggling to get to class each day, and work with those families to find a solution.
  2. Teachers can offer incentives to encourage students to attend school each day, and offer prizes to students who have good attendance records.
  3. Parents can begin building a habit of good attendance, starting as early as preschool. Plus, parents or caregivers can set a positive example for their student by showing up for work and scheduled appointments.
  4. Community groups can organize safe walks or carpools to school, ensuring kids who may not have reliable transportation have a way to get to class every day.
  5. Students can pledge to each other to attend school every day, and create a friendly competition encouraging their classmates to also show up.