News Roundup: Montana’s Graduation Rate Reaches Historic High

MISSOULIAN | Juneau touts record-breaking Montana graduation rate | “We all know that more high school graduates means a stronger economy for our state,” Juneau said. “It means higher wages, it means more opportunities.” According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, she said, Montana will see a $6 million annual boost to the state’s economy from the graduates since 2009.” Read the full story.

GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE | Montana’s graduation, dropout rates improve again | “Montana’s graduation rate is 86 percent, the highest its been in the 15 years since OPI started measuring the rate. The statewide dropout rate is down to 3.4 percent, the lowest its been in the six years since Graduation Matters Montana was launched.” Read the full story.

MONTANA PUBLIC RADIO | Montana High School Graduation Rate Rises | “Montana’s high school graduation rate has never been higher. Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau announced today at Missoula’s Sentinel High School that 86 percent of students graduated in 2015. That’s a jump of nearly 6 percent since 2009. Montana’s graduation rate has never been just about a number, Juneau said. “It’s about making sure every student in Montana, no matter their background, their ZIP code, their economic background, has an equal shot at success.” Listen to the story.

BILLINGS GAZETTE | Montana high school graduation rates improve; Billings schools dip slightly | “In the 2015 class, 86 percent of students in their four-year cohort graduated, up about half a percent from the previous year and up almost 4 percent from the 2011 class. It’s the highest rate Montana has recorded since the OPI began measuring the statistic in 2000.  “We all know that more high school graduates means a stronger economy for our state,” Juneau said Wednesday in Missoula. “It means higher wages, it means more opportunities.” Read the full story.

HELENA INDEPENDENT RECORD | Juneau touts record-breaking Montana graduation rate, Helena schools dip slightly | “Montana high school graduation rates reached 86 percent in 2015, the highest mark since the state started measuring 15 years ago. “I’m proud to say the community-building work of Graduation Matters Montana is making a difference,” Denise Juneau, superintendent of public instruction, said Wednesday.” Read the full story.

BOZEMAN DAILY CHRONICLE | Graduation rate reaches new high for Montana, slips in Bozeman | “Denise Juneau, state superintendent of public instruction, issued a report Wednesday showing that more Montana students are graduating than ever before. The 86 percent rate for 2015 is up from the previous record of 85.4 percent. It marks the state’s best results since 2000.” Read the full story.

KPAX-TV (CBS) | Juneau announces record graduation rate for Montana HS students | “Montana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Denise Juneau, was in Missoula Wednesday to announce a major victory for the state. Her department says that the high school graduation rate has increased to a record high of 86 percent.” Read the full story.

KECI-TV (NBC) | Montana graduation rates hit historic high | “In her announcement, Juneau noted that the dropout rate had been cut by more than a third, from 5 percent in 2009 to 3.4 percent, and that 851 more students graduated since 2009. “Those 851 additional students that have graduated will give the Montana economy a $6 million boost,” Juneau said.” Read the full story.