“Schools Of Promise Starts, May End, In Heart Butte”

This story originally aired Oct. 5, 2015 on Montana Public Radio

“One of Montana’s lowest achieving schools is in line to receive over a million dollars in aid, starting next year.

Heart Butte High School and its 48 enrolled students are the newest recipients of the federally funded grant known as the Schools of Promise Initiative.

The program will give about a million and a half dollars to the school to spend over three years.

Heart Butte school is small. A half minute walk down the high school hallway leads to the grade school and their shared cafeteria.

Student art hangs on the walls, so do graphs marking student achievement. There’s the typical trophy case outside the school gym.

Other signs advise on the dangers of alcohol, heroin and other drugs.

Heart Butte is a place that with struggles in substance abuse and unemployment.

For Corrina Guardipee-Hall, the vice-superintendent and principal in Heart Butte, this grant will help students look at the future with a little more optimism.

‘I think more than anything our kids need hope. They need to feel good about themselves. They need to feel like something is at the end of the rainbow.'”

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