The ‘Schools Of Promise’ Story

Montana’s most-struggling public schools face unique challenges that can’t easily be compared to most school districts in the country. Children who attend these schools often come from deep, rural poverty. Public assistance services are sparse. And the complex needs of these students and their families are often unmet and can make graduation difficult to reach.

But a handful of Montana’s most-struggling schools are making significant and tangible gains thanks to an initiative that doesn’t just focus on the three-r’s of education, but that supports students’ mental health needs, boosts student engagement, and provides training for local school boards and educators.

Montana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau launched her Schools of Promise program in 2010, and five-years in, it’s easy to find evidence that it’s making a difference. Graduation rates are slowly ticking up. Fewer students are dropping out. Class time has increased. And school leaders now have the tools they need to make sure students are connected with critical resources they need to succeed.

Schools Of Promise Are Committed To

  • Focus on more teacher involvement and more instructional time with students
  • Attract, train and keep the best teachers and principals
  • Provide comprehensive professional development for all school staff
  • Provide strong, comprehensive supports for every child
  • Make connections between parents/community and schools stronger

The Schools Of Promise Story