Watch: Using Animated Videos To Raise Attendance, Graduation Awareness

The simple act of showing up to school each day gives students a better chance at succeeding. Research shows that a student who goes to school every day is more likely to do better in reading and math. That student is more likely to graduate from high school, and is more likely to have a successful career.

So, how do we make sure Montana parents and students are aware of this critical link between attendance and graduation? Animated videos, of course….

Radio public service announcements, animated videos, posters and stickers are all fun ways we can begin to raise awareness of the importance of showing up for school every day.

This year, I encourage all Montana students to continue raising the bar and to show up each day engaged and ready to learn!

All fall, I’ll be sharing this (and other) videos on Twitter, Facebook and this very blog. Join the conversation and commit to attending school each day using the hashtag #SchoolEveryDay and #MTEdu.